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Description of Star Trek ® - Wrath of Gems

Explore the Final Frontier as the Star Trek ™ franchise comes to life in this official RPG puzzle game! Join the Federation in this starship strategy game that combines your favourite Star Trek ™ characters from The Original Series and The Next Generation, together with spacecraft battles, PVP combats, versus tournaments, and deep RPG levelling. Take part in the space battlefront, make a new galaxy discovery, and become a hero of the Universe!

With deep RPG, recruit and evolve your favourite characters from TOS and TNG to create the greatest crew in Starfleet history! Will you need Jean-Luc Picard’s leadership, or Worf’s power? Exploit Commander Spock’s logic, Leonard McCoy’s medical experience and the courage of Captain James T. Kirk to assemble an epic crew and defeat galactic enemies to become heroes of the Universe.

Destroy alien villains in starship battles, one-on-one space combat, and diplomatic clashes. Strategize the unique abilities of your troops and Starfleet to show your opponents that resistance is futile. Match gems and battle for the Galaxy against new lifeforms and their spacecrafts, like the Borg, Ferengi, Klingons and Vulcans!

Complete timeline quests, challenge your friends, and achieve the highest rank in exclusive tournaments and weekly versus events! Unlock new characters and ships, and win the greatest prizes and experience in limited space missions. Lead your heroes to victory in the best Star ships like the Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant and many more!

Craft the finest strategy to slay your enemies in legendary, RPG-style clashes and become the most mythical commander in this Stardate. Starfleet has chosen you, so join the Federation, take command of your starship and discover the official Star Trek ™ experience in this puzzle quest game!

Play with your favourite characters, ships, and alien races from TOS and TNG!

Discover legends like Uhura, Scott or Sulu, and help them on the battlefront.

Boldly go where no man has gone before, and be the ultimate Trekkie!

Find booster packs, and discover new characters and spaceships to complete your hangar.

Win special packs and form your crew with original members, with special skills and talents.

Evolve your crew and starships and gain new abilities!

Level up your team throughout the game to be the best squad ever!

Unlock incredible and unique powers, skills, and talents for each hero!

Select your troops wisely and send them to epic duels and exciting missions.

Fill your hangar with your favourite spaceships and use them in space wars: Romulan, Klingon Bird of Prey, USS Enterprise and many more!

Thrilling interstellar spaceship wars, amazing one-on-one combat, and diplomatic encounters between heroes of the Galaxy!

Will you lead your team to victory and conquer the cosmos?

Experience different CAMPAIGNS with unseen adventures and quests from both series: TOS and TNG! What new discovery of the universe will you make?

Weekly EVENTS and tournaments! Challenge your friends and win exclusive prizes!

Battle players from around the Universe in VERSUS Mode and reach the top of the rankings!

Star Trek ™ is back, and you can become captain of your own ship in this RPG puzzle quest game! Download for free now and beam yourself up into a discovery of new worlds!


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Good App Guaranteed!

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